Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ROCKIES did it!

They did it! 1st time in 15 years of playing, they made it to the world series.
I remember when we lived in California, all the excitment surrounding the dodgers when they would make it to the WS. Since we moved here, of coarse we had to have a new favorite team, only this club was so new-- they paid squat. So they got mostly rookies to play.

Well, times are changing! They have a terrific team this year, and they have won the last 21 games straight! I hope they can do this in the WS, they will then take the record for most games won in a row. :D

I would love to go see the WS game, but for the last 2 weeks--tickets have been around 600.00. Um, no, I think I will watch the game on TV for that price, lol. It isn't even the ball clubs fault, they presell the tickets, and people scalp them. And it is legal to scalp here, as long as you don't do it in Denver.

Well, I have been at work, sneaking into patient rooms, trying to watch at least part of tonights game. Just wanted to post real quick on my break here, cause it is exciting round these parts, lol.
I walked outsite, and could hear the hoop and hollaring on the main drag, people lighting off fireworks--hopefully we won't see any of them in the ER tonight. :D


Fink said...

Yes they won and will go up against our team--Go Tribe! We are ahead in our series! Yea!

Debbie said...