Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My baby brother is getting Married!

Wow, hard to believe. We never thought he would, lol. I always said if Bill ever finds a girl, it will be because the good lord dropped him in his lap--literaly. He just never went out and did anything, or asked anyone out. To shy I guess. Well, he had a huge house, with an entire basement that was un-used. (except for laundry, and a pool table) My sister had a friend who needed a place to rent (cheap) and so we asked my brother. They met, she moved in downstairs. That was about 2 or so months ago! They are perfect together though, and I just love her dearly. She makes my brother happy, I haven't seen him so ambitious about life before! So their date is set in Sept.---- talk about a whirlwind romance! Wish I had a picture of him handy to post. I am so happy for him!

I have this week off work, and I am getting ready to host a bunco party. That means cooking for 12 people. I have the stuff, now I just have to make it. :D It is actually a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to it, if I can get this old body going. I put in my garden-- I planted soooooo much, but my body is letting me know thet there are some muscles in there I didn't know Ihad! I am so freaken sore-- day 3, and I can hardley move. owieeee.
At that, I leave you. Here are a few layouts I have gotten done over the last week- I have a ton of ideas, until I sit to do them, then I have so much stuff, I get completely overwhelmed! Plus I have supplies all together for a new kit, but can't seem to get a picture of it to get it up for sale. To much going on I guess. ttyl!

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Fink said...

Wow, you sure have been busy!! Well congrats to your baby brother! Maybe there is a chance for my bil!