Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Year

ohhhh, my baby is growing up! He urned 11 yesterday. In addition, he "graduated" from 5th grade. What a day.
He had a little graduation ceremony, they call it a rite of passage, lol. They called each child up, and broke a water balloon over their head. :d ds was the last child called, and they chanted his name as he went up. (the only one). Then the whole class broke out and sang happy birthday to him, and they took the biggest coldest water balloon, and broke it over his head. It was so cute.
Now I need to figure out what he is going to do all summer long to keep him busy! Summer school is out-- it is 730 am to 1230 pm. My sleep hours when I work, lol. Can't get up in the middl of the day to go get him. Scoccer is over-- so I am thinking I better come up with something quick, or my little chunky monkey is going to be a fat cow by summers end. He would love nothing more than to sit there and play video games all summer long. I have limited his time, but I also don't want him away from the house when I am sleeping. what to do? Any ideas?
I feel like a slug today-- I have so much I want to get done, but no ambition to do any of it! Ever get that way? Well, maybe antoher pot of coffee will help.

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