Thursday, October 20, 2011

oct. 2011

yeow. i suck at this. i have not been crafty at all. intentions still there lol. I have installed new hardware in my closet, help lay my wood flooring in my living room and sitting room, painted upstairs and down. Next is putting in a jaccuzzi tup in the master bath then tiling it in travertine. To bad it will only up my homes worth to what i paid lol. oh well i wiill finally have the things i wanted in my home instead of the cheap crap they built it with.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wow, over 5 months?

Seems like yesterday. Maybe it is becasue I have not been doing ANYTHING creative since the summer. I have not scrapbooked a single page since july. my room is still there, and my supplies-well I still have a ton, probably outdated by now.
I really havne't been doing a whole lot. November 12th I had a Total Knee Replacement. Talk about ouch, man a big one! Last week is the first week I can honestly say I don't regret it. But boy was there alot of pain getting here!
So yea I am kinda young to have one done, but as the Doc said--"there is nothing else we can do for you but that" So it was that or live with the pain.

Home front is not much better, and I will just stop at that with that one, lol
I am back to work since my surgery, my first week back was last week, and I did really well! Things here at the hospital are really exciting, we just opened a huge new wing last week. We have a brand new Emergency Dept., Ortho and spine center, ob/gyn, Neonatal intensive care, labor and delivery, X-ray, lab, and cafe, and operating room suites! It is BEAUTIFUL! Lots of state of the art gadgets. The only problem is learning our way around the place. I feel like I started a new job, lol
My informercials are on air now. At least 2 of them are. I think there are 4, and Im in 3 i think. I have only seent the first one that was released, but they are supposed to send me copies--maybe I can figure out how to put them up here, at least the parts that I am in.
OK, well getting ready to get off work, Ill try not to wait another 5 months to check in, hopefully I can get my creative mojo going again sometime soon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Haven't been here in quite awhile!

mostly because no one ever reads it anyway, lol. I have had a busy summer so far, and things are starting to get back into a routine now. Vacations are over, Brad is back in school, and I am back to work. (sob, I want more time off, but paid time that is, lol)_
Well, my last post was all about my incredible weekend in LA being treated like a movie star! Well-- They asked me back!! The 2nd time I did an interview with Michael Thrumond. 2 other gals were there with me, but we were interviewed seperately. It was a lot of fun, got some more clothes, and had a incredible 3 days. This time it was down town LA, stayed at the Marriott there, so I did a little retail thrapy while I was there, lol. Here are a few pictures from that shoot. The girl nancy with the blonde short hair, and purple shirt is the one who lost 375 pounds. (yes, three hundred and seventy five, not a type-o) The girl in the blue dress is Safiya, and she lost 120, and has kept it off for 5 years, and even had 2 kids inbetween! She was in the last informercial also.

Then at the end of July, my son and I went to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for Vacation! What a blast we had. The only thing I didn't like was there were so many people down there trying to get you to go to timeshare presentations. It was crazy. We did an outdoor adventrue where you take a boat to the Island, then you take those big jeeps with the handles to hold on to in the back, like an army truck up a hill to base camp. Then you ride burrows to the top of the forrest, and zip line down. It was so much fun, I can't even believe it! We repelled down a water fall, did a free fall for 200 feet-- that was so much fun. Here are a few pictures of that. Also we went on a couple of tours, held Iguanas, shopped at flea markets, swam with the dolphins, as well as spent a few days by the pool getting a tan, and I of coarse had to spend some time at the "swim up bar" that was located in the pool! Our hotel room had a kitchen living room, large bedroom, jacuzzi tub, seperate shower, and a cool balcony that had a pool on it, incase you wanted to swim after the main pools were closed. The main pools-- the place was a water park! They had 14 swimming pools that all connected, 2 wave pools, a water slide, and a lazy river around it all. Loved the inner tubes around the river, that is fun. Also a wave maker on part of the lazy river, that was a blast. Anyway, it will be a trip I hope he long remembers.
I havne't really done anything scrappy or creative lately, miss it, but just been to busy! My brother is getting married next week. He asked me to be the photographer. I have never done a wedding, I told him I would be willing to do it but not to expect a professional job. He was ok with that, so we shall see, lol. I do have adobe photoshop, autofx programs, twisting pixeles, and a ton of actions for photoshop, so hopefully I can make them look good! Any tips?
Well, I am at work, I gotta run, breaks over, lol. drop me a note, I may update more often, lol, and I will be sure and visit your blog too. :D

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wow, I just had the most incredible weekend!

I was chosen by Provida life sciences to do a testimonial for their new informercial. It is for the Michael Thrumonds 6 week body makeover, the plan I have been following for the last year.
Doing this plan has definately changed my life. I have lost 110 pounds, went from a size 24 to a size 6! ACK! I ahve never been a size 6-- except maybe once when I was 10, and on my way up to bigger sizes.
Anyway, they flew me out to california for the weekend. we did the tv shoot on saturday, it was so much fun! There were 7 of us. They treated us like big hollywood stars. My hotel room was on the 12th floor, and you needed your key card to get there. there was a resturant, bar, etc. on the 12th floor. And the reason you need a key card is the floor is reserved for stars! lol. I didn't find that out until my last night, or I may have hung out in the hall to see who I could see, lolol.
The shoot was awesome! There was a caterer there serving clean foods (oh,they were so good too) all day long. We hung out outside the set so we could see each person as they came out of wardrobe and makeup. We could go in and watch if we wanted, but I wanted to be surprised, and not as nervous, lol.
So they take me in and dress me after trying on 4 or 5 different outfits. One top I absolutely loved, but I couldn't fill it out, lol. I got to keep the clothes they dressed me in. And the beautiful necklace, and a new pair of spanks, and a new bra to boot!
Then off to hair and makeup. Don was the makeup guy. He does hollywood stars, especially before their filming. He does all the desperate housewifes- the show, not the reality one, and he has done big stars like katherine hepburn, and oh I can't remember all. He says he cannot write a tell all book until he is retired, lol, or he would never work again. He let me in on a few secrets tho, pretty funny--hey they are people too!
Then I went in for my testimonial. They used 3 tapes- I don't know if that is good or bad, lol. Most got 1 or 2. It was so fun, but I know I was nervous, I kept going blank- mid sentance, lol. so he would rephrase the question, and I would get my bearings together again.
After the shoot, one of the other gals and I went to dinner, then to the hotel bar for a glass of wine, and just talked. felt like we had known each other for ages. Sunday morning I flew back home, had to go to denver first, then on to GJ. It was fast, but so memorable! Something I will cherish forever. Now I have to get my pics developed so I can scrap it! Oh we got professional still done too.
There was one girl there that was absolutely such an inspiration to me on my own journey. She has lost 364 pounds! She was georgous! She has 18 pounds to go, but that is nothing compared. Anyway, here are a few pictures. we met Michael Thrumond, and he is here giving Nancy the girl that lost so much some pointers on firming up. Now mind you, some of these pictures are of me before hair, clothes and makeup, lol. There is a couple of me on the set.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stupid Weather

Wel we WERE supposed to go rafting today up in glenwod springs. But no, the weather decided to be cloudy and rainy, so now we are not going. I am so disapointed! I have never been on a rafting excursion, and it just sounded so fun. So now there is nothing to do, it is wet and mudy outside.
Yesterday Iwent and saw star trek, so it's not like the movies even sound fun. sigh. I guess I should get happy, and pull out some scrapping stuff, but (gasp) that doesn't even sound fun right now.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Year

ohhhh, my baby is growing up! He urned 11 yesterday. In addition, he "graduated" from 5th grade. What a day.
He had a little graduation ceremony, they call it a rite of passage, lol. They called each child up, and broke a water balloon over their head. :d ds was the last child called, and they chanted his name as he went up. (the only one). Then the whole class broke out and sang happy birthday to him, and they took the biggest coldest water balloon, and broke it over his head. It was so cute.
Now I need to figure out what he is going to do all summer long to keep him busy! Summer school is out-- it is 730 am to 1230 pm. My sleep hours when I work, lol. Can't get up in the middl of the day to go get him. Scoccer is over-- so I am thinking I better come up with something quick, or my little chunky monkey is going to be a fat cow by summers end. He would love nothing more than to sit there and play video games all summer long. I have limited his time, but I also don't want him away from the house when I am sleeping. what to do? Any ideas?
I feel like a slug today-- I have so much I want to get done, but no ambition to do any of it! Ever get that way? Well, maybe antoher pot of coffee will help.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I got rearended yesterday. My poor little 2008 escape, needs a new bumper, tailgate, and who knows what else under/behind the bumper. I must say, I am impressed with the guys insurance-- american family insurance. They have been so nice, accomidating. Have told me when I get my car in the shop, they will get the rental, turn in any medical, and as soon as they get the records will reimburse, and depending on what the med recs say, offer a reimbursment and settlement. (I really wasn't expecting one, just my med. bill, and my car fixed). My back hurts, but I think I will be ok.

Next bit of news--I spoke with the girl at providia today, and she can not tell me with 100% sureity, but says I am in the 99% range of being picked for the next 6 week body makover informericial!!! whoo hoo! I will go to LA, get a make over, professional pictures, and be in the commercial. My 15 minutes of fame! :D Really exciting--I could use a pampered weekend about now.

Scrapworld wise, haven't done anyting since last posting, except put together kits! I just need to get pics, and post them. I haven't sold any yet, I have no advertising, so if you want to help me get the word out, I would love that. ;)

I don't know if I have the energey to do this. It started out as going to sell provocraft cricut type stuff, and decided against that, as the buy in, was to high compared to profit-- as well as ebay sellers selling stuff for a dollar or two profit-- can't compete with that! (I really don't know how they do it!) But I did end up with a great distribution company that carries most new product lines, so if there is something you would like to see, let me know! Right now, I have the new little yellow bicycle zinna line, as well as a boys kit featuring MVP by we R memory keepers, and, and lil' man, by cosmo cricket, as well as the robots line by kaisercraft. hopefully I can get them up in he next day or two. well, gotta go, take some motrin for this back, tootles. :D